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How Online Doctor Consultation Work

Steps to consult online doctor for medical treatment

  1. Tell Us Your Medical Information

    Tell us the purpose of your virtual doctor visit and any relevant medical information, such as your medical history, medications, allergies, and other important health details.

  2. Pay The Consultation Fee

    Consultation fees are charged hourly, please refer to the pricing. Send a screenshot of payment and we’ll get started. Once the time is up, the conversation will end. To continue the consultation, a new fee is required.

  3. Chat With Certified Doctors

    Connect with our experienced physicians through messaging, phone, or video and share important health data like blood pressure, blood sugar, and lab test results. Our doctors will provide you with professional treatment options tailored to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Read FAQ to know more about Clinique Orientale online doctors visit to save your time.

Our online consultations are not covered by insurance.

If you need a medical certificate or other documentation after an online consultation, the doctor may be able to provide it to you electronically or send it to you by mail.

The length of an online consultation will depend on the the type of condition being treated. Some consultations may only take a few minutes, while others may last up to an hour.

If you need a prescription for medication during virtual consultation, the doctor may be able to send you prescription for you to buy medications on pharmacy. However, some medications may require an in-person visit or additional testing before a prescription can be provided.

We follow strict privacy and security regulations to protect your personal health information during an online consultation.

Payment for an online consultation will depend on which country you are in. We accept WeChat pay, Momopay, bank transfer, PayPal.me etc.

Our online consultation is available 24/7, you can schedule yours anytime anywhere as long as you are free.

To participate in an online consultation, you will need a device with internet access and a camera, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You may also need to download a specific app or software program to access the consultation.

Many non-emergency medical conditions can be treated during an online consultation, including cold and flu symptoms, allergies, malaria, Covid, body pain, skin conditions, mental health concerns, women & men health, alcohol use disorder, chronic conditions and medication management etc.

Online consultations can be just as effective as in-person doctor visits for certain types of conditions. However, for some medical conditions, an in-person visit may be necessary to provide a proper diagnosis or treatment plan.

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